Ricardo Campos
Itacimirim, Praia do Forte, BrasilRio Pojuca, Praia do Forte, BrasilPraia do Forte, BrasilItacimirim, Praia do Forte, Brasil

Research Grant for PhD Student

Project 1: Multi-Document Temporal Summarization

INESC TEC (https://www.inesctec.pt/ip-en) at Porto, Portugal, is accepting applications to award 1 Research Grant for MSC within the Project "TEC4Growth - RL FourEyes - Intelligence, Interaction, Immersion and Innovation for media industries (NORTE-01-0145-FEDER-000020)"

Working Area: Text Mining and Information Retrieval

Project overview: In this project we aim to explore text mining and information retrieval techniques able to identify relevant temporal events in news texts. With this information we aim to make available a tool for temporal summarization of news topics spread over multiple documents.

Objectives: Apply text mining, information retrieval and document temporal summarization techniques to improve the understanding of news articles. Produce and publish scientific articles. As a result of the project make available a tool/demo to the scientific community.

Academic Qualifications: Master Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or similar

Minimum Profile required: Research experience in Information Retrieval and Text Mining. English proficiency.

Preference factors: Good programming skills (preferably C#). Knowledge in the fields of information retrieval/text mining/information extraction.

The positions are offered for an initial period of one year (from 2016-05-01 a 2017-04-30) and may be renewed for additional periods.

Application Period: 2016-04-07 to 2016-04-21

If you want to apply for this position, please follow the corresponding link and read the details about the application procedure at [INEC TEC]

For further inquiries regarding the position, please contact Prof. Ricardo Campos.


Project 2:

I usually have a few research topics available for students who want to do research under my supervision as part of an Msc or PhD thesis.

I work with web search and information retrieval topics and I am always seeking highly motivated students to work on them. If you are a Msc or PhD student who want to pursuit your studies feel free to talk with me about your research ideas.

In case you are a student planning to have an internship, I must warn you that this is likely an unpaid research experience. We may arrange something if you do not need financial support, but I suggest you to read one of my papers and tell me what you find interesting and would like to study.