About me:

  1. Assistant Professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar, Tomar, Portugal
  2. Lecturer at the Porto Business School, Porto, Portugal
  3. Invited Assistant Professor at the University of Beira Interior, Covilhã, Portugal
  4. Integrated Researcher at LIAAD-INESC TEC - INESC Technology and Science, Porto, Portugal
  5. Collaborator at Ci2.ipt - Smart Cities Research Center, Tomar, Portugal
  6. Research Interests: Information Retrieval. See Software, Projects, Awards and Committees
  7. Publications: see All Publications or publications in Google Scholar, Research Gate, Scopus, WOS-Clarivate, DBLP, ACM Digital Library (ACM pubs only), Orcid, Authenticus and SemanticScholar.
  8. CV: CiênciaVitae
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What is New?

30.05.2023 Research Paper entitled: "Is this News Article still Relevant? Ranking Documents by their Contemporary Relevance for Enhanced Archival Search" accepted at IJDL Journal. [Article]
21.04.2023 Research PC member TPDL'23.
16.04.2023 Research Proceedings of the Text2Story workshop are now available online.
01.04.2023 Research Paper entitled: "tieval: An Evaluation Framework for Temporal Information Extraction Systems" accepted at SIGIR'23. [Article]
10.03.2023 Research Paper entitled "Towards Timeline Generation with Abstract Meaning Representation" accepted at TempWeb@WWW'23 [Article].
10.03.2023 Research Paper entitled "FALQU: Finding Answers to Legal Questions" accepted at LegalIR@ECIR'23 [Article].
10.03.2023 Research Keynote Speaker at the DDHUM'23 Conference, 10/03/2023
06.01.2023 Research Paper entitled "A survey on narrative extraction from textual data" accepted at Artificial Intelligence Review.
30.12.2022 Research INESC TEC. Entrevista a Ricardo Campos. 3º classificado e Menção Honrosa do jornal Público
19.12.2022 Research PC member ACL'23.
12.12.2022 Research Arquivo.pt. Entrevista a Diogo Correia e Ricardo Campos. 3º classificado e Menção Honrosa do jornal Público
12.12.2022 Research Paper entitled "Public News Archive: A Searchable Sub-Archive to Portuguese Past News Articles" accepted at ECIR'23 [Article].
12.12.2022 Research Paper entitled "TweetStream2Story: Narrative Extraction from Tweets in Real Time" accepted at ECIR'23 [Article].
12.12.2022 Research Paper entitled "Text2Storyline:  Generating Enriched Storylines From Text" accepted at ECIR'23 [Article].
09.12.2022 Research PC member of TempWeb'23
05.12.2022 Research Investigador do INESC TEC conquista 3.º lugar do Prémio Arquivo.pt
24.11.2022 Research Cerimónia de entrega do Prémio Arquivo.pt 2022. Youtube.
23.11.2022 Research Prémio Arquivo.pt entregue esta quinta-feira (Jornal Público). Programa disponível aqui.
14.12.2022 Research The book "Unlocking Environmental Narratives: Towards Understanding Human Environments Interactions through Computational Text Analysis" edited by Ross Purves, Olga Koblet, Benjamin Adams and published by Ubiquity Press has just been released. The book has 12 chapters including our's entitled "Greening a PostIndustrial City: Applying keyword extractor methods to monitor a fast-changing environmental narrative"
02.11.2022 Research PC member of EACL'23
31.10.2022 Research Senior PC member of SIGIR'23
03.10.2022 Research PC member of TheWebConference'23
16.09.2022 Research Mentor of Datathon - Portuguese Football Federation
08.08.2022 Research PC member of ECIR'23
22.07.2022 Research Arquivo Público awarded the 3 prize in the Arquivo.pt 2022 Awards and the Honorable Mention from Jornal Público.pt
11.07.2022 Research PC member of SIMBig'22
14.06.2022 Research PC member of EMNLP'22
20.05.2022 Research Keynote Speaker at the SLATE'22 Symposium, 15/07/2022
28.04.2022 Research Session Chair of The Web Conference 2022 (session: Search and Recommendation).
22.04.2022 Research Daniel Gomes (Arquivo.pt) and I, will be giving a tutorial entitled "Timeline summarization for large-scale past-web events with Python: the case of Arquivo.pt", on May 5th under the invitation of the Programming Historian. Registrations are free.
10.04.2022 Research Proceedings of the Text2Story workshop are now available online.
21.03.2022 Research PC member of TTO'22
03.03.2022 Research Paper entitled "Diachronic Analysis of Time References in News Articles" accepted at the TempWeb@WWW'22 [Article].
28.01.2022 Research Keyword Extraction from Political Parties Programmes using YAKE! The Portuguese Legislative Elections. January 2022.. Medium.
27.01.2022 Research PC member of TPDL'22
16.01.2022 Media YAKE! This tool can extract keywords from texts in every language about any topic. AlphaGalileo.org


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Web: http://www.ccc.ipt.pt/~ricardo

Web: https://www.inesctec.pt/en/people/ricardo-campos

Email: ricardo.campos@ipt.pt

Email: ricardo.campos@inesctec.pt


Ricardo Campos, Assistant Professor (PhD)

Departmental Unit of Information and Communication Technology

Polytechnic Institute of Tomar (IPT)

2300-313 Tomar




Ricardo Campos, Researcher

Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support (LIAAD - INESC TEC)

University of Porto


Campus da FEUP

Rua Dr. Roberto Frias, 378

4200 - 465 Porto