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S. Ejaz Ahmed (Canada)
Simultaneous Estimation and Testing of Several Cronbach's Alpha

T.W. Anderson (USA)
Linear Functional Relationships with Repeated Observations

Ravindra B. Bapat (Índia) – ILAS Speaker
Determinant and Inverse of the Distance Matrix of a Tree

Adi Ben-Israel (USA)
Probabilistic Distance Clustering

Carlos Braumann (Portugal)
Stochastic Differential Equation Models for Population Growth and for Individual Growth in Randomly Varying Environments

Tadeusz Caliński (Poland)
On the Application of Affine Resolvable Designs to Variety Trials

Charles R. Johnson (USA)
Why is So Much "Eventually" True

Sat Gupta (USA)
Two Stage Optional RRT Models

Lynn R. LaMotte (USA)
Properties of Families of Probability Distributions over Finite Parameter and Sample Spaces via Linear Algebra

Thomas Mathew (USA)
Comparison of Meta-Analysis Using Literature and Using
Individual-Study Dat

Stanisław Mejza (Poland)
Incomplete Split-Plot Designs: Perspectives and Challenges

Augustyn Markiewicz (Poland)
On Recent Development in Admissible and Linearly Sufficient Estimation in Linear Models

Ingram Olkin (USA)
Probabilistic Proofs of Matrix Inequalities

Michael D. Perlman (USA)
A SINful Approach to Gaussian Graphical Model Selection

Dinis Pestana (Portugal)
Optimal and Quasi Optimal Designs

Dietrich von Rosen (Sweden)
Estimation in Multivariate Linear Models with Kronecker Product Covariance Structure

Alastair J. Scott (New Zealand)
Testing Homogeneity with Survey Data

Muni S. Srivastava (Canada)
Testing the equality of several covariance matrices with fewer observations than the dimension

George P.H. Styan (Canada)
Some Comments on the Magic Card Puzzle, Illustrated With Images of Playing Cards and Postage Stamps

Götz Trenkler (Germany)
Column Space Equalities for Orthogonal Projectors

Júlia Volaufová (USA)
Heteroscedastic ANOVA - Old Solutions, New Views

Douglas P. Wiens (Canada)

Robust Discrimination Design

Roman Zmyślony (Poland)
Jordan Algebras and applications to the mixed linear models