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Waseem Alnosaier (Saudi Arabia)
A simplified Kenward-Roger approximate F test with application to block designs

Mohamed Amezziane (USA)
Kernel based robust estimation of a location parameter

Cristina Andrade (Portugal)
Application of PCA in Atmospheric Sciences

Alessandro Arlotto (USA)
Hessian orders and multinormal distributions

Ali Armandnejad (Iran)
Right gw-majorization on Mn,m

Oskar Maria Baksalary (Poland)
Exploring generalized and hypergeneralized projectors along Route 66

Natália Bebiano (Portugal)
A relative operator entropy in Krein spaces

Julio Benítez (Spain)
Using the CS decomposition to study linear combinations of Moore–Penrose Hermitian matrices

Jorge Cadima
Relations between the singular value decompositions of dolumn- doubly- and un-centred matrices

Ana Cantarinha (Portugal)
Collective model for forest fires assesment

Enrico Carlini (Italy)
Probability matrices with rank two and mixture models

Francisco Carvalho (Portugal)
Nesting and Crossing Segregated Mixed Models

Miguel de Carvalho (Portugal)
Inference in mixed models: further applications of the dimension

Ricardo Covas (Portugal)
Binary Operations, Lattices and Genealogical Tree of Jordan Algebras: A Framework for analysing Mixed Linear Models

Glória Cravo (Portugal)
On controllability of partially prescribed matrices

Yadolah Dodge (Switzerland)
New developments in direction dependency

Dário Ferreira (Portugal)
Adjustment of normal mixed models through triple minimization

Sandra Ferreira (Portugal)
Inference for almost balanced models

Katarzyna Filipiak (Poland)
Connectivity properties of circular BIB designs under an interference model

Maria Celeste Gouveia (Portugal)
On a singular Toeplitz-pencil

Luís Grilo (Portugal)
The exact and near-exact distributions for the generalized Wilks Lambda statistic used in the test of independence of several sets of variables

Stephen Haslett (New Zealand)
Delete-k residuals for generalized linear models

Jan Hauke (Poland)
Moran’s coefficient and algebraic characteristics of some standardized connectivity matrices used to measure a spatial autocorrelation

Jeffrey Hunter (New Zealand)
Bounds on Expected Coupling Times in a Markov Chain

Sónia Inácio (Portugal)
Comparing the centres of pared series of studies

Vera Jesus (Portugal)
Interaction between factors that nest: application to prime basis factorials

Radosław Kala (Poland)
A note on Anderson’s note on a stationary autoregressive process

Alexander Kovacec (Portugal)
Hankel pencil conjecture

Naresh Kumar (India)
Estimation of sectoral growth of Indian economy using mathematical models

Rute Lemos (Portugal)
J-chaotic order and J-relative entropy

Mokshay Madiman (USA)
Determinant and trace inequalities for sums of positive-definite matrices

Filipe J. Marques (Portugal)
A general near-exact distribution theory for the most common likelihood ratio test statstics used in multivariate statistics

Fernando Martins (Portugal)
Eigenvalues of circulant matrices

Sherzod Mirakhmedov (Pakistan)
Asymptotic efficiencies of the Greenwood’s goodness-of-fit test

José Carlos Simon de Miranda (Brazil)
The variance of random determinants

Sandra Monteiro (Portugal)
2(n−p) designs - algorithms for constructing fractions

Hassan Naseri (Iran)
Linear prediction of multivariate processes with infinite variance

Hassan Naseri (Iran)
Stochastic risk model in life insurance

Ana Nata (Portugal)
k-Numerical Ranges and Toeplitz matrices

Célia Nunes (Portugal)
Non-central F distributions with non-centrality parameters with gamma distributions

Sandra Oliveira (Portugal)
Regressional designs using prime basis factorials with blocks

Bárbara Oliveiros (Portugal)
Child anxiety and school success - percentiles of Portuguese population

Dulce Gamito Pereira (Portugal)
Stochastic search for eigenvalues and eigenvectors

Stephen Pollock (UK)
The realisation of finit-sample frequency-selective filters

Simo Puntanen (Finland)
Some peculiar properties of the BLUE’s covariance matrix

Paulo Ramos (Portugal)
Commutative Jordan algebras piling - application to step nested designs

Juan Manuel Rodriguez-Diaz (Spain)
Some properties on the coefficients of the characteristic polinomial of the information matrix in optimal design of experiments

Paulo Canas Rodrigues (Portugal)
Genotype × environment interaction - challenges and perspectives

Charles Rohde (USA)
Robust estimation and profile likelihood in the MVN distribution

Tatjana von Rosen (Sweden)
On a new class of singular nonsymmetric matrices with nonnegative integer

Carla Santos (Portugal)
Structured families of normal models with COBS

Ricardo São João (Portugal)
Modeling congestive heart failure using generalized linear models with binary response variable

Stanley L. Sclove (USA)
Estimation of expected utility functions for optimal allocation in stock portfolios

Morteza Seddighin (USA)
Extending Hölder-McCarty inequality to accretive normal matrices/operators

Shuichi Shinmura (Japan)
Comparison of Revised IP-OLDF and Revised IPLP-OLDF by LINGO

Anna Szczepańska (Poland)
Optimal designs in multivariate models with nuisance parameters and unknown dispersion matrix

Ricardo Teixeira (Portugal)
Indefinite numerical range of 3×3 matrices

Meltem Ucal (Turkey)
An empirical comparison of model selection criteria for parametric and nonparametric regression

Steffen Unkel (UK)
Simultaneous parameter estimation in exploratory factor analysis

Hans Joachim Werner (Germany)
Some more results on projectors